How Do Gel Nail Strips Work?

When it comes to saving money from biweekly trips to the nail salon, gel nail strips beat out other options hands-down! But how do gel nail strips work?  

Gel nail strips are a more affordable option to traveling to the nail salon. Rather than sitting for 30-60 minutes to get your nails done and paying as much as $35-$100, why not save time and money by doing it yourself?

UV gel nail strips save you a ton of money every year without forfeiting the desired glossy appearance for your nails. That’s why we recommend hopping on the gel nail strips train for a more affordable and customizable option that can be achieved in the comfort of your home.

In this article, we’ll dive in to answer the question of how do gel nail strips work while presenting the benefits they have to offer your bank account and your nails. Let’s get started!  

What Exactly are Gel Nail Strips?

Like nail wraps, gel nail strips stick to the nail with an adhesive. However, there is one notable difference between gel nail strips and nail wraps. 

Gel nail strips are made of genuine gel, applied to your nails, and then must be cured with UV light. They last much longer than regular nail wraps, up to two weeks or more without chipping or peeling, with a similar DIY look to the favored polished gel nail mani appearance. 

And unlike gel manicures done at nail salons, gel nail strips prevent damage to keep the natural nail underneath healthy and strong!

How Do Gel Nail Strips Work?

The application process for gel nail strips is simple, and learning how to make gel nail strips last longer will benefit you in the end. You only need ten minutes or less to apply these shiny and fashionable nail strips before heading out to show them off!

Gel nail strips use an adhesive to stick to clean and dry nails. Applying a base coat to the natural nail can help the sealant adhere better, as nails produce natural oils that can affect the quality and lifespan of the adhesive. Once the gel nail strip is applied to the nail, you’ll have to smooth out any air bubbles that may hide underneath and prevent a smooth, refined look. 

Then, trim off any excess material to suit your desired nail shape and apply a top coat to seal it. After completing this, you’ll need to cure the gel nail strips under a UV lamp for ten minutes to achieve DIY salon-grade gel nails!

Are UV Gel Nail Strips Right for You?

Are UV gel nail strips right for you? Follow along below to find out! 

Do You Want to Save Money?

If you want to save money and still achieve a polished, long-lasting mani, gel nail strips are the perfect answer!

Using a high-quality gel nail strip can save loads of money, replacing expensive trips to the nail salon. By investing in top-quality gel nail strips, the lifespan of the nail strip is extended on your nails for anywhere from two weeks or more without chipping or falling off.

That’s the difference between high-quality and low-quality gel nail strips. A low-quality gel nail strip will not last as long as a high-quality one, falling off within a few days.

By investing in a premium brand and product, you are saving anywhere from $30 or more by replacing expensive trips to the nail salon with a quality product that keeps your nails looking fashionable and polished for weeks! 

Do You Want Picture-Perfect Manicures in Minutes?

Gel nail strips bring picture-perfect manicures to the comfort of your home. Plus, the application process takes minutes!

Going to the nail salon and sitting in an uncomfortable position for over half an hour can be troublesome. Gel nail strips are not only the more affordable option, boasting the same polished results, but they can also be accomplished in the comfort of your home, anywhere, within minutes!

So not only are you saving money by investing in top-grade gel nail strips, but you’re also saving yourself from back, neck, and wrist pain from holding an uncomfortable position for long periods for a finished look you may or may not like. 

Applying gel nail strips at home saves time and money with a guaranteed prim and glossy final result you’ll show off to all your friends and family! 

Experience Firsthand How Gel Nail Strips Work to Beautify Your Manicure in Minutes! 

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And don’t worry about the ingredients of these shiny, fashionable nail strips. We’ve committed our brand to use clean ingredients. Our UV gel nail strips are vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about hidden harmful ingredients. 

Final Thoughts on How Gel Nail Strips Work

This article details how gel nail strips work and why you should start investing in them. The endless reasons include saving time, money, effort, and trips to the nail salon while still achieving the polished, glossy final result perfect for pictures, events, birthdays, and celebrations. 

But at Polish Pops, our affordable, top-quality products don’t end at UV gel nail strips. Our nail wraps are an evener, quicker option than our UV gel nail strips while remaining just as affordable and top-quality for a speedy, fashionable DIY at-home mani. And you can get your UV gel nail strips or nail wraps from Polish Pops today to start saving money and keep your nails looking up to fashion!