Are Nail Wraps Easy to Apply?

Are nail wraps easy to apply?

If you’re new to the nail wraps craze that is taking over the beauty industry, you may have some questions before you adopt this new manicure method. For instance, you may wonder what are nail wraps made of and how long they last. But consistently, questions about this nail care product revolve around how to apply gel nail strips

So let’s address some of your main questions, like are nail wraps easy to apply, how to apply nail wraps, and where to buy nail wraps that will last. 

Continue reading below as we dive into each of these questions in more detail so you can give yourself your dream manicure—without having to take that expensive trip to the salon every other week. 

Are Nail Wraps Easy to Apply?

Let’s dive right into it–are nail wraps easy to apply? Yes! In fact, one of the main draws of nail wraps is how easy they are to apply. So, keep reading below as we discuss how this process works so you can see truly how simple it can be. 

How Easy is it to Apply Nail Wraps?

If you fell in love with the look and design of nail wraps, but you worried that they would be complicated to put on–you’ll be happy to learn that this is far from the case. They are very easy to apply, so you can give yourself a nail wraps manicure right from your home in just a few minutes. 

Applying nail wraps–and removing them, for that matter–doesn’t require any fancy tools, harsh chemicals, or years of expertise. So, nail wraps truly are for everyone!

How They Stack Up to the Alternatives

If you’re a manicure-lover, you’re probably familiar with the other alternatives that are out there like acrylics and nail polish. So, how do nail wraps vs acrylics and nail wraps vs polish stack up? Which method is the easiest? 

As we’ve discussed so far in this guide, nail wraps are extremely easy to apply—and not just saved for professionals like the other methods we’ve described here. 

For instance, you’ll probably have to go to the salon in order to get an acrylic manicure. And when it comes to a nail polish manicure, it often never turns out quite like you expect it to, especially for your dominant hand! 

So, given how easy the no-mess application process is for nail wraps, you can feel free to apply them anytime, anywhere. This isn’t a luxury you can get from acrylics or nail polish. 

Other Reasons to Love Nail Wraps Besides Quick, Easy Application

There are many reasons why nail wraps are so great, apart from how simple the application and removal process is. 

In fact, nail wraps are ultra-long-lasting, even carrying a longer lifespan in some instances than popular alternatives. Plus, giving yourself a nail wraps manicure is a much more economical way to treat yourself since they’re a fraction of the cost of a salon visit. 

Not to mention, the variety of intricate designs and bold styles that you can find in nail wraps means it’s easy to switch up your look from week to week with ease. 

Quick Tips for Applying Your Nail Wraps Perfectly Every Time

You’ve already learned by now that applying nail wraps can be a super simple process. So, let’s now walk you through the exact steps you can take to try them out for yourself. 

Prep Your Nails

Before you apply the nail wraps, you’ll need to prep your nails so that the wraps can properly adhere and last as long as possible. 

This is one of the key tips for how to make gel nail strips last longer, which many may skip out on. So, make sure you’re starting with clean, dry nails, shaped to your liking, before you apply the wraps. 

Apply a Base Coat

The next step to the application process is applying a quality base coat to your nails. Again, this will ensure that the nail wraps properly adhere to your nail and give the quality and long-lasting manicure that you’re after. 

Let the base coat dry fully before you move on to the next step. 

Select & Apply Nail Wraps

Now we’ve made it to the exciting part, actually applying the nail wraps! 

Select the nail wraps of your choice in the design and style you love. Make sure you choose wraps that are in a size slightly smaller than the width of your natural nail so they adhere only to the nail and not your skin. This will help the wraps last longer. 

Gently peel the wrap back from the paper backing and apply it firmly to your nail, leaving a small gap between the wrap and your cuticle. 

Trim & Seal

We’re at the final steps now before you can fully enjoy your nail wraps manicure. 

To get rid of the excess material, fold the nail wrap over the edge of your nail. You can gently file away the excess, or trim it with nail clippers or small scissors then file the edge until smooth.  

Lastly, you’ll take a quality top coat to seal and protect your freshly-done manicure. 

Want to Experience How Easy it is to Apply Nail Wraps?

Applying nail wraps is easy, especially when you’re using a quality product with a formulation that’s built to last. 

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Wrapping Things Up

After reading through this guide, you’ll hopefully be able to see there’s a clear answer to the question–are nail wraps easy to apply? Not only do the best nail wraps from Polish Pops have an easy application process, but they’re also super easy to remove when you’re ready for a new look. 

So when you’re looking for nail stickers that last and that anyone can apply, Polish Pops has you covered. Plus, aside from our great nail polish wraps, we also have the best semi cured gel nail strips that you can find online. 

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