Can Nail Wraps Cause Onycholysis?

can nail wraps cause onycholysis

Nail wraps have been a godsend for women everywhere, making it easy to get a picture-perfect manicure without an expensive and time-consuming trip to the salon. Recently, though, there’s been a bit of buzz about these cute decals, and whether they can cause onycholysis. 

So, can nail wraps cause onycholysis? And also, what is onycholysis in the first place? In this article, we're going to dig deeper into this topic and find out if there's any truth behind the rumors. 

What is Onycholysis?

Before we talk about can nail wraps cause onycholysis, let’s first take a look at onycholysis and what this condition actually refers to. 


Basically, onycholysis refers to the separation of the nail plate from the nail bed underneath. This separation creates a gap or space between the two, often starting from the tip of the nail and extending toward the base. The most common symptom of onycholysis is the visible presence of this gap, which can be seen as a white or yellowish area beneath the nail. 

As well as the discoloration, you may also notice changes to the shape or texture of your nail - it may appear rough or irregular. While it sounds painful, onycholysis doesn’t usually feel that bad. Some people experience mild pain and their exposed nail bed may become sensitive to touch or pressure. 

Common Causes

Onycholysis is pretty common, and there are a few different factors that usually cause it: 

  • Trauma or injury to the nail, from aggressive manicure methods, repeatedly using your nails to open objects, or jamming your fingertip in a door
  • Frequent exposure to harsh chemicals, including certain nail polish removers, detergents, or cleaning products
  • Fungal or bacterial infections of the nail
  • Certain medical conditions including psoriasis, thyroid disease, or autoimmune diseases
  • Prolonged exposure to water or excessive wetness of the nailbed 
  • Certain medications including chemotherapy drugs

As well as these causes, can nail wraps cause onycholysis, and are nail wraps bad for your nails? Let’s discuss that next. 

Can Nail Wraps Cause Onycholysis?

Firstly, let’s quickly mention what is a nail wrap? Nail wraps are ultra-cute, adhesive decals that give you the perfect way to personalize your nails at home. They’re so much easier (and cleaner) to use than trying to paint your own nails, and can give you beautiful nails without the hassle and expense of a visit to the salon. 

You can get some more basic nail wrap info like how to make gel last longer, how to get nail wraps to stay on, and are nail wraps toxic in our detailed guides. So, can nail wraps cause onycholysis? Let’s take a look at the evidence. 

Why Do Some Individuals Worry About Nail Wraps Causing Onycholysis?

Some people, usually when they’re exploring or using nail wraps for the first time, become concerned that the adhesive nature of nail wraps could lead to nail damage. Questions have also been raised about whether prolonged use or improper application of nail wraps could cause onycholysis. 

Some people worry that gel-based nail wraps can cause onycholysis if the gel is not “cured” properly. When learning how to apply gel nail strips, it’s essential to understand that you need to cure the gel using an LED lamp. Otherwise, you could end up with wet gel on your nails or skin, which may cause sensitivity or an allergic reaction if it’s left for too long. 

So, Can Nail Wraps Cause Onycholysis?

When used correctly and with proper care, nail wraps are generally considered safe and unlikely to cause onycholysis. The adhesive used by the best nail wrap brands is specifically designed for nail application and is formulated to minimize any potential damage.

As long as you learn how to apply nail wraps and remove them correctly, you don’t need to worry about the risk of onycholysis from nail wraps. Incorrect application, aggressive removal, or prolonged use of nail wraps may increase the risk of nail damage, including onycholysis. 

Improper application can trap moisture beneath the wrap, creating an environment where fungal or bacterial growth may occur, which can contribute to onycholysis. To minimize your potential risk of onycholysis, make sure you always follow the instructions for your wraps carefully before you get started. 

Tips for Harnessing the Fun, Easy Beauty of Nail Wraps Without Worrying About Onycholysis

Do you want gorgeous, effortless nails but are still concerned about the potential risk of onycholysis? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here’s how you can give yourself a gorgeous mani without risking the health of your nails. 

Finding the Right Nail Wraps

The first step is to find nail wraps you can trust. Here at Polish Pops, our salon-quality nail wraps give you cute, long-lasting nails without the use of chemicals or skin irritants. Our gorgeous semi cured gel nail strips can be easily applied and removed, protecting your nail health while giving you a look you’ll love. If you’re wondering where to buy nail wraps that won’t damage your nails or lead to onycholysis, you’ve come to the right place!

Not only can our nail wraps be applied and removed without using chemicals, but we also manufacture all of our nail products to be “14-free,” which means they don’t contain 14 of the most harmful ingredients, including formaldehyde, parabens, phthalates, and more. 

You’ll also find more beautiful designs to choose from at Polish Pops! Designed for the modern gal, we’ve got an incredible range of solid, transparent, seasonal, and glitter wraps. You won’t find our gorgeous, intricate designs anywhere else, and we’ve carefully curated our collection to make sure there’s something for everyone’s unique style - check it out for yourself!

Application and Removal

Make sure that your nails are clean and dry before you apply your nail wraps. Avoid excessively filing or buffering your nails, as these actions can weaken the structure of your nails. Gently shape your nails using a nail file and push back your cuticles with a cuticle stick. Clean your nails with an alcohol prep pad to remove any oils before you apply your wraps.

Apply the nail strips firmly to your nail, leaving a small gap between the cuticle and the wrap. Gently flatten the wrap, trim away the excess, then cure the gel under the Polish Pops lamp for 60 seconds. Complete the look by filing away the edges. 

To remove your wraps, simply apply cuticle oil along the edge of the nail wrap and your skin, and shimmy the Polish Pops wooden cuticle stick underneath the edges of the wrap. Then slowly lift the wrap away from the nail, which will remove the wrap entirely without damaging your nails at all. 

Caring For and Maintaining the Look

The best semi cured gel nail strips should last 10-14 days if you look after them properly. If you’re wondering how to make nail stickers last longer, there are a few things you can do. Firstly, prepare your nails properly by following the steps above. Once you apply the wraps, make sure you press them down firmly onto each nail. 

Filing your wraps once they’re cured helps shape them to your nails, which reduces the risk of catching them on anything. Once you’ve got your nails on, be careful! Try not to bump your fingers on things or dig through your purse - this will help to prevent scratches and damage to your wraps. 

Advice on Preventing Onycholysis

As long as you follow the instructions that come with your nail wraps and make sure you cure the gel properly, you don’t need to worry about developing onycholysis from your wraps. To prevent onycholysis and look after your nails in general, there are a few things you can do: 

  • Practice good nail hygiene by keeping your nails clean, dry, and trimmed regularly
  • Avoid using your nails as tools for tasks like opening cans or prying objects
  • Consider wearing gloves when cleaning to protect your nails from contact with irritants
  • Opt for reputable brands like Polish Pops that offer quality nail products and wraps
  • A balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients can contribute to strong nails

If you notice any symptoms of onycholysis or other concerning changes in your nails, it is recommended to consult a healthcare professional or a dermatologist. They can provide an accurate diagnosis, determine the cause, and guide you in the right direction for treatment. 

Final Thoughts on Nail Wraps and Onycholysis

So, can nail wraps cause onycholysis? As long as you stick to high-quality products and follow the directions carefully, you don’t need to worry about the risk of onycholysis from your nail wraps. 

At Polish Pops, all of our products are vegan, cruelty, and toxin-free. They’re safe for your nails, and give you a beautiful at-home mani without the need for harsh chemicals that can wreak havoc on your nails and skin. 

Get safe, gorgeous nails in minutes - find your new wraps at Polish Pops today!