Can You Use Nail Wraps on Press On Nails?

Giving yourself an at-home manicure that looks just as good as any salon manicure has never been easier than it is with the best nail wraps. But, if you’re also a press on nail lover, you may have an idea to use the two together to give yourself some extra length from the press ons, but still get the incredible and intricate designs from nail wraps. 

So, can you use nail wraps on press on nails for the ultimate DIY manicure? Continue reading as we compare nail wraps vs press on nails and reveal if this is a good idea for the Insta-worthy manicure you’re after. 

A Brief Introduction to Nail Wraps vs Press On Nails

Before we answer–can you use nail wraps on press on nails–let’s review the main differences between nail wraps vs press on nails. 

What are Nail Wraps?

Nail wraps are a type of nail product made from a thin strip of standard nail polish (or gel polish for the best gel nail strips) applied to an adhesive backing. This makes for easy application to your nails and gives off the appearance of a genuine polish manicure.

So if you’ve ever wondered what are nail wraps made of, they are typically made from nail polish, but they can also be made from vinyl or other thin and flexible materials. 

Nail wraps are an excellent choice for manicures because they’re easy on your nails and do not damage them like other types of nail products like acrylics or gel polish. So if you were wondering, do nail wraps damage nails, you don’t have to worry about harming your nail beds just to get a high-quality manicure. 

Plus, they can be made with stunning, trendy, and intricate designs that would be nearly impossible to achieve on your own with some nail art tools. Not to mention, the application process when using nail wraps is super easy, and you can do it just in a few minutes right from your own home.  

What are Press On Nails?

To continue our comparison of nail wraps vs press on nails, let’s now talk a little bit about press on nails and what they’re all about. This is another type of nail product that women use to give themselves an at-home manicure.

Press on nails are commonly referred to as artificial or fake nails, and they are typically made from plastic or acrylic, molded in the shape and size of fingernails. Press on nails are applied onto the tops of your natural nails using glue or adhesives. Just like nail wraps, they can be made in a variety of colors and designs. 

But, rather than being thin strips made from real nail polish that you shape to your natural nail size, they are a thicker product that have their own shape and length rather than forming to the dimensions of your natural nail. 

So, Can You Use Nail Wraps on Press On Nails?

With a better idea of what the difference is between nail wraps vs press on nails, we can finally address the burning question–can you wear the two nail products at the same time? Continue reading below as we discuss the reality of applying nail wraps to press on nails. 

Why Would You Want to Use Nail Wraps on Press On Nails?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this guide, you may want to use press on nails to give yourself some extra length to your natural nails. Since nail wraps are applied directly to your actual nails, they will showcase their natural shape without providing any extension. 

So, women may want to apply both nail products at the same time to get the natural polish look and fantastic designs that you find with nail wraps, but with the added length and shape that press ons provide. 

Can You Use Nail Wraps on Press On Nails, Though?

Getting the appealing look of nail wraps and the variety of lengths and shapes from press ons sounds great, but is it practical? In short, yes, you can wear the two nail products together when you want the advantages that they each provide.

Even though nail wraps are typically designed to stick best to natural nails, applying them to press on nails can still be highly effective and leave you with a fabulous at-home manicure with the proper steps. 

How to Start Using Nail Wraps on Press On Nails

To start using this killer manicure combo for yourself, continue reading below as we walk you through the steps you can take to apply nail wraps to press ons. 

Start By Getting Your Press On Nails and Nail Wraps

The first step to nailing this look is to find high-quality nail wraps and press ons. When you’re shopping for press ons, make sure you’re purchasing from a reliable and trusted brand that is highly rated by customers. You don’t want the press ons to damage your natural nails, so pay special attention to the glue and adhesives that come with the press ons to maintain the strength and health of your nailbeds.

Once you have selected the best press on nails, you need to visit Polish Pops to browse our incredible selection of nail wraps and gel nail strips to apply to the top. We have dozens of designs to choose from, from vibrant solid styles to trendy and eye-catching patterns. 

All our nail wraps are made with a 14-free formulation, which means they don’t contain 14 of the common toxins found in nail products like phthalates, formaldehyde, laureates, and others.

You may be tempted to make your own DIY nail wraps with some of the extra nail polish you have sitting around, but this will only leave you with lackluster results, especially when you’re applying them to press ons instead of your actual nails. So, make sure you’re only getting the best of the best from Polish Pops–we know you won’t regret it!

Prepare Your Press On Nails

Choose a press on nail that fits each of your own natural nails. If you are stuck between sizes, size down to prevent any issues during application if the press on is too big. Follow the instructions on the packaging to apply your press on nails. 

Make sure to prep your nails using the recommended steps to help the press ons adhere correctly, then you’re ready to add some pizazz with your chosen nail wraps!

Apply Nail Wraps Carefully

Once you have applied the press ons, it’s time to put on your nail wraps. If you don’t know how to apply nail wraps, don’t worry! It’s actually quite simple when you have the best of the best from Polish Pops.

Select a nail wrap that’s slightly smaller than each individual press on. This will ensure the wrap is only sticking to the press on nail, not your skin, for better and more long-lasting results.

Line up the wrap with the nail, and press down firmly to apply. Try to avoid touching the adhesive backing so you don’t damage them. Now, you can use nail scissors or a nail file to get rid of the excess wrap that’s hanging over the edge of the press-on nail. Smooth the edges with a file for a nice finish to your manicure. 

Seal the Nail Wraps

After you’ve applied your manicure, you may wonder, how long do nail strips last? When applied properly, they can last up to two weeks. Sealing the wraps with a top coat will not only provide a nice, glossy finish, but it also helps protect and extend the life of them as well.

Go over each nail wrap with a top coat to protect your new manicure. You can even find a fantastic top coat right from our storefront–you don’t need to shop anywhere else!

Practice Proper Aftercare

You’re now ready to enjoy your fabulous new manicure. But, there are some expert suggestions that you can follow when you want to know how to make nail wraps last longer.

Right after applying the press ons and nail wraps, keep your hands away from moisture to let them adhere properly. This means you should avoid washing your hands or showering for at least an hour or two. 

Then, over the duration of your manicure, try to not let your nails soak in water for too long, like from going swimming or taking a bath. This can soften and loosen up the products and make it more easy for them to pop off. 

Just like you would with any other manicure, try to protect your nails and avoid any activities that would be too rough or abrasive on them. Applying the top coat should provide an extra layer of protection, which you can reapply after a few days if you find it’s necessary to restore the shine of your manicure. 

Wrapping Up Our Guide to Using Nail Wraps on Press On Nails

After reading through this guide, you should have the answer to the question–can you use nail wraps on press on nails? Plus, hopefully you have a better understanding of the differences between nail wraps vs press on nails and the unique benefits they each provide.

Whether you want to apply nail wraps to press ons or your own natural nails, make sure you’re getting them from Polish Pops. Our nail products are truly one-of-a-kind and allow you to give yourself an at-home manicure without compromising on quality.

With tons of styles and designs to choose from, easy application and removal, and a clean formulation you can trust, there’s no reason to search for any other nail wraps brands.

Visit Polish Pops today to pick out nail wraps so you can give yourself a manicure in minutes right from your own home!