Can You Put Gel Top Coat Over Nail Wraps?

Nail wraps have revolutionized the world of nail care, providing quick and easy manicures in just minutes without requiring expensive salon trips. With countless benefits, including unique aesthetic designs and long-lasting results, nail wraps are a clear winner over other manicure options.

If you love gel manicures, it may seem difficult to abandon the long-lasting power of gel, even with a great alternative in front of you. Nail wraps can match the long-lasting durability of gel, but there are still a few options if you love gel manicures.

Many people wonder can you put gel top coat over nail wraps to combine the power of the two? The answer is yes, usually. Gel top coat provides a variety of finishes, from matte to glossy. Adequately applied nail wrap should maintain its integrity after applying a gel top coat. 

However, gel top coat also applies an extra layer that is visibly prominent, which can affect the natural appearance of nail wraps. A gel top coat may also contain harmful chemicals, so finding a ‘14-free’ option can be tricky.

If you want a product that combines the power of gel nail polish and nail wraps, consider gel nail strips! Gel nail strips are unique nail wraps sold semi-cured, providing you the glossy and long-lasting finish of gel top coat without harming the integrity of your nails.

Can You Put Gel Top Coat Over Nail Wraps?

Top coat provides a fantastic way to put a finishing touch on your manicure. If you have ever wondered how to make gel nails last longer, and how to avoid dreaded chipping, a top coat can help you achieve a shiny finish on your mani. Top coat is usually clear, acting as a seal over your nails and providing a glossy or matte appearance, depending on your preferences.

What about gel top coat, however? What is it exactly, and can you put gel top coat over nail wraps?

Gel top coat is the result of a beautiful marriage between the fortifying strength of a standard top coat and the power of gel nail polish to complete your manicure with a cherry on top. Like traditional top coat, gel top coat also introduces a durable finishing layer onto your nails, but a few things stand out. 

Gel top coat is famous for its long-lasting effect, allowing you to retain an outstanding result for weeks. UV light is also required to finish gel top coat, but this will enable you to save time in the drying process.

Once you have learned how to apply nail wraps, finishing your manicure is as simple as using a gel top coat and letting it cure under UV light. Be sure to wait until your nail wrap has thoroughly dried, as gel top coat can sometimes cause peeling if the application process is disrupted.

Should You Put a Top Coat Over Nail Wraps?

Gel top coat can make your nail wraps shine, but is it the best option available? Gel top coat certainly has a preference when comparing nail wraps vs acrylics, as nail wraps are much easier to finish off with a top coat. On the other hand, if you are a gel manicure fan searching for tips and tricks on how to make gel nails last longer, you may prefer gel nail strips which allow you to skip this step in the process.

What are the Benefits of Applying a Top Coat Over Nail Wraps

Nail wraps are worth it if you have ever dreaded spending time and money on salon manicures, so anything that can help them pop even more is highly valuable in your quest for the perfect easy manicure. Gel top coat can provide an extra layer of glossy or matte finish to your nail wrap, allowing you to change the sheen on a whim. If you have ever wondered what your favorite nail wrap or polish color would look like extra-glossy or with a matte finish, a gel top coat can be a life-changer due to its ease of use.

Many mani-enthusiasts also wonder how to get nail wraps to stay on perfectly without life getting in the way. Gel top coat can help seal the edges of your nail wraps, lowering the risk of peeling as long as the proper application process was followed.

Gel top coat is also excellent if you have ever looked at how long nail wraps last and wanted another way to expand their lifespan. Gel top coat adds an extra layer of durability to your nail wraps that can allow them to last for weeks.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Putting a Top Coat Over Nail Wraps?

Nail wraps are easy to apply, with a record-fast application time. Comparing nail wraps vs polish, nail wraps can give you a fantastic manicure in just minutes. Gel top coat can put a damper on the typically speedy process of applying your nail wraps, requiring curing under UV light and adding another layer of complexity.

Gel top coat may also run counter-intuitive to your manicure goals. When applied to nail wraps, gel top coat forms a hard layer on top, affecting the overall aesthetic of your manicures. While this can be avoided with a proper application, gel top coat will inevitably lead to a less natural appearance than standard nail wraps.

While a gel top coat can help bolster the durability of your manicure, the best nail wraps around often can last multiple weeks as well. If you learn how to apply gel nail strips, you can even save time by bypassing the application of a gel top coat thanks to using an already semi-cured gel nail wrap. 

Tips for Putting Gel Top Coat Over Nail Wraps to Preserve the Beauty Even Longer

Gel top coat is a solid tool in your mani kit, working with nail wraps to extend their lifespan. Of course, there are a few drawbacks to remember, so navigating the downsides of gel top coat will help ensure you get the best results.

Nail wraps are simple to apply, but gel top coat can throw a wrench in the process, requiring more finesse. If your nail wraps are improperly used, or you apply gel top coat too soon, it may lead to bubbling or peeling, which can be a huge bummer for your new mani. 

Gel top coats can also contain harmful chemicals if you are not thoroughly researching the ingredients, which can end up damaging your nails. The best nail wraps are free of toxic chemicals, also known as ‘14-free’, so finding a gel top coat that matches that quality is critical to preserving the health of your nails.

The Proper Application Process is Key!

Working with nail wraps is a breeze, but there can still be a few snags in the application process that can negatively affect your final results. Your nails should be appropriately prepared, starting with a quick manicure, including filing and cuticle management. Be sure to use a base coat on your clean nail area, which can help strengthen your underlying nail bed and serves as the perfect landing pad for your nail wrap.

Nail wraps are easy to apply from there, as you simply place them on top of your clean nail. After that, simply fold the excess nail wrap over the edge and trim it away, finishing with a nail file. Once your nail wraps are on and secured, you can apply a top coat to seal it off with a glossy finish. Be sure to check that your nail wrap is completely dry before using. If your nail wrap is not fully dry, gel top coat may cause bubbling or peeling when applied.

Consider the Ingredients for Healthier Nails

So, what are nail wraps made of? When searching for nail wraps or gel nail strips, it is critical to do your research. While the best nail wraps available are ‘14-free’, lacking harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, several nail wraps on the market still contain dangerous toxins. 

Are nail wraps bad for your nails, though? 

The health of your nails is paramount, and the best nail wraps available can be a helpful partner along the way. As long as you use nail wraps without harmful chemicals, nail wraps help you avoid the constant wear and tear of salon manicures. Not all gel top coats are created equal, however. Finding a gel top coat that is also ‘14-free’ may prove a complex process, so you may be better suited for pre-cured gel nail wraps that help preserve the integrity of your nails.

Instead of Putting a Gel Top Coat Over Nail Wraps, Consider Our Gel Nail Wraps!

Gel top coat can become a hassle when working with nail wraps, but a better solution exists. The benefits of gel nail wraps are countless, providing the long-lasting durability and strength of a salon gel manicure while adding in the efficient and easy process typical to nail wraps.

Here at Polish Pops, we produce the best gel nail strips on the market, providing you access to the results of multiple salon gel manicures per strip. If you are concerned about the health of your nails when working with gel manicures, our gel nail strips are 100% vegan and ‘14-free’, keeping you safe from the unknowns of retail gel top coats.

Of course, our gel nail strips also come in various designs that allow you to express yourself. Our gel nail strips let you skip time-consuming salon appointments while securing a healthy gel manicure with fabulous nail art.

Final Thoughts on Applying a Gel Top Coat Over Nail Wraps

Gel top coat and nail polish wraps are two of the best options if you are searching for a glossy-finish manicure that lasts for weeks. While the two can work together to deliver an incredible result, there are a few things to consider before jumping in.

Gel top coat helps extend the lifespan of your nail wraps thanks to its extra layer of durability, but it often leaves a prominent layer that can disrupt the natural appearance of your nail wraps. The best nail wraps available are also ‘14-free’, lacking toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, but gel top coats often contain some toxic chemicals that can throw a wrench in your healthy nail plans.

Gel nail wraps, also known as gel nail strips, provide the perfect synergy between the power of gel manicures and the utility of nail wraps. At Polish Pops, we offer a nearly endless selection of toxin-free gel nail strips. With the help of gel nail wraps, you can skip the gel top coat and achieve a beautiful gel manicure in just minutes! Check out our shop for inspiration and creative nail art wraps that can elevate your mani game to the next level!