Tips for Applying Nail Wraps for a Simpler, More Stunning Manicure in Minutes


tips for applying nail wraps

When you have the best semi-cured gel nail strips, you want to do everything you can to make your manicure long-lasting and get the most out of the nail wraps. Luckily, it isn’t too complicated to learn how to do so–there are plenty of simple nail wraps tips to help you get started. 

For some helpful tips for applying nail wraps, continue reading through this article as we discuss everything you need to know about how to apply nail wraps successfully. 

Tips for Applying Nail Wraps for a Simpler, More Stunning Manicure in Minutes

If you’re wondering how long do nail stickers last, they can last up to a few weeks when cared for properly. That’s why we’ve created this guide with tips for applying nail wraps - to help you maximize the life of your manicure while enhancing its appearance at the same time.

So, let’s dive right into these helpful nail wraps tips so you know what you have to do to lengthen the life of your manicure. 

Tip 1: Nail Preparation is Key

If you want to know how to make nail wraps last longer, one of the first nail wraps tips that we need to share is doing the proper nail prep. This means that you thoroughly clean your nailbeds to remove any oils or dirt that can keep the nail wraps from adhering properly. 

At this point, you’ll also want to trim your cuticles and file your nails to your desired shape before you start applying the nail wraps. If the nail wraps stick to the cuticle instead of the nail, they can peel off more easily and you’ll likely get a shorter lifespan out of your manicure. 

Tip 2: Shop at Polish Pops to Set Yourself Up For Success From the Start

You also need to know where to buy nail wraps to get the best results. Not just any product will do, which is why you need to get your nail wraps and gel nail strips from Polish Pops. 

There are many reasons why our nail wraps are the best available. For starters, we have a wide selection of different designs for you to choose from so you’ll never run out of manicure ideas. Plus, our nail wraps are made from a quality, cruelty-free formula that gives you peace of mind to wear them for weeks on end without compromising your health. 

Additionally, our nail wraps are super simple to apply and remove, so you’ll never need to use harsh chemicals or extra tools just to get a picture-perfect manicure with Polish Pops. Not to mention, Polish Pops nail wraps are super affordable, meaning you’ll save tons of money and time by skipping that expensive weekly appointment to the salon. 

Once you have selected nail wraps from Polish Pops, you’ll be set up for success for a stunning and long-lasting manicure before you even get started!

Tip 3: Select the Correct Size

When it comes time to actually apply the nail wraps, choosing the right size for your nails is a crucial step to making your manicure look great and last

For each finger, if you choose nail wraps that are too small, your manicure will look strange and rushed. On the other hand, if you choose nail wraps that are too big for your nails, they likely won’t adhere properly and will quickly chip away and need to be replaced after just a few days of wear. 

Tip 4: Use a Base Coat

Aside from these other nail wraps tips, you can also get a much more long-lasting manicure when you first apply a base coat. 

This can help create a smooth and clean surface on the nails before you begin the application. In addition, this can help your nail wraps stick properly to the surface of the nail. So, make sure part of your nail prep involves applying a clear base coat to your nails and letting it fully dry before you start applying them. 

Tip 5: Avoiding Wrinkles or Bubbles

Take your time while applying the nail wraps to avoid any wrinkles or bubbles in the surface. Not only does this look unprofessional and irregular, but it can also shorten the lifespan of your manicure since the entire nail wrap is not properly adhered to your nail bed. 

It can be very frustrating to finish applying your nail wraps and realize you have wrinkles in them. So, be careful and deliberate about how you apply the nail wraps to avoid this annoying outcome. 

Tip 6: File, Don't Cut

Once you have properly applied the nail wraps to your nails, it’s time to trim the wraps to the shape of your nail for a sleek and natural appearance. But–make sure you are using a nail file to trim down the excess nail wraps, don’t cut them.

In doing so, you’ll get a much more seamless trim to your natural nail shape. Using scissors will likely leave a jagged edge that can get caught or snagged easily, detracting from the look of your manicure and allowing it to chip away much easier. But, you’ll still want to be gentle with how you’re filing away the excess so you don’t accidentally damage the nail wraps in the process. 

Tip 7: Seal with a Top Coat

If you’re new to using nail wraps you might have wondered –can you put gel top coat over nail wraps? You most certainly can, and it’s a helpful tip for preserving your nail wraps manicure and keeping your nails chip-free. 

The top coat acts as a seal for your nail wraps, creating a protective layer that helps prevent chips and cracking. As a result, your nails will get a glossy-looking finish that’s just as attractive as it is functional for your manicure. 

Tip 8: Avoid Excess Moisture

Especially right after you’ve applied the nail wraps, you’ll want to avoid exposing your nail wraps to too much moisture, which could inhibit the proper adhesion of the nail wraps and make them slide off very quickly. 

Even over the duration of your manicure, you’ll still want to keep them away from too much water. Don’t soak your hands while wearing nail wraps or do any water-based activities like swimming if you want to make your manicure last longer. 

Tip 9: Protect Your Nails For Longevity

Nail wraps can be quite durable–especially when you get them from Polish Pops. However, you’ll still want to be mindful of your manicure to help it last longer and continue looking fabulous. Too much abrasion or friction can chip away at the nail wraps and require them to be replaced more quickly. 

Tip 10: Apply a Fresh Top Coat After a Few Days to Restore Shine

The final suggestion of these tips for applying nail wraps is to re-apply your top coat over the course of your manicure. This will help revive the glossy shine that makes your nails look so fantastic, and will help preserve your manicure for as long as possible. 

So, while you’re wearing one set of nail wraps, you can expect to re-apply your top coat one or two times in order to maintain the look and feel of your manicure. 

Bringing Our Conversation on Nail Wraps Tips to a Close

There you have it–these great tips for applying nail wraps will help your manicure stay gorgeous for longer. Taking care of your nail wraps manicure doesn’t have to be complicated, so use these simple suggestions to get the most out of the product and always look like you just stepped out of the salon!

When you have the best nail wraps from Polish Pops, it’s easy to achieve an Insta-worthy manicure in just minutes. We’ve made our nail wraps super easy to apply–it’s not just for professionals! Pamper yourself right from the comfort of your own home with a DIY manicure using Polish Pops nail wraps. Visit our store today and take home a set of nail wraps to try them out for yourself!