Why Do My Nail Wraps Bubble? Causes & Tips for Preventing Bubbling

Why Do My Nail Wraps Bubble?

Whether you love long acrylics with flashy colors, or you prefer simple manicures, you have probably needed to contend with a major problem - bubbles in your polish. While bubbles are amazing for a treat-yourself bath or a glass of champagne, they can put a real damper in your manicures. If you love nail wraps (like we do), you may have also experienced unsightly bubbling after applying them.

If you’ve ever wondered to yourself - why do my nail wraps bubble, anyway? You aren’t alone. Thankfully, we’ve done some experimenting and we’re able to bring you some of the best tips to help you stop those bubbles in their tracks. 

With these tips, you will be able to skip the expensive salon appointments and get a bubble-free mani in just minutes with the help of nail wraps. Of course, if you’re looking for the best place to find high quality nail wraps that won’t bubble at the first sign of trouble, Polish Pops has your back!

Why Do My Nail Wraps Bubble? Common Causes of the Dreaded Bubbling Nail Wraps

Nail wraps are less prone to bubbles when properly applied, but there are a few tips and tricks on how to keep nail wraps from bubbling in the first place. If you are worried about keeping your nails healthy, you may be wondering - are nail wraps bad for your nails? No need to worry, of course, as nail wraps are safe and chemical free!

Let’s explore a few reasons why nail wraps bubble and how to avoid these common issues.

Improper Application

Applying nail wraps is a simple process, especially when comparing nail wraps vs acrylics. Still, there are a few snags that may come up that could cause bubbling. If you are wondering - why do my nail wraps bubble so much, it may simply be due to a few quirks during the application process.

One thing to keep in mind is making sure you apply a base coat to your nails to create a smooth surface when applying the wraps. Any bumps or ridges during the application process may cause bubbles to pop up.

Wrong Size

At Polish Pops, we offer up to 18 different sizes in any of our nail wrap orders, so you always have options no matter the size of your nail beds. Still, it is possible to choose the wrong size, which may cause bubbles. Try not to worry too much about small margins, as you can simply snip any excess with scissors, but larger size differences could cause bubbles.

Poor Conditions Like Humidity or Heat

Humidity isn’t just your mortal enemy in beauty when it comes to frizzy hair. Humidity can also cause your nail wraps to bubble, as even a small amount of air in between your nail bed and the wraps can fill with humid air. Be sure to smooth out your nail wraps immediately after applying them to avoid the worst humidity has to offer.

Of course, while the heat can be a problem, there are still plenty of tricks on how to keep nail wraps from bubbling, so don’t let summer weather stop you from your dream mani!

Thinner, Lower Quality Nail Wraps Bubble by Nature

An amazing, high quality set of nail wraps should easily win the debate of nail wraps vs. polish. High quality nail wraps are pre-painted without the risk of uneven brush strokes or other imbalances.

Unfortunately, if you end up with lower quality wraps, you may find yourself stuck. Lower quality wraps lack the adhesive quality to avoid air bubbles, dooming you to a bubbly, uneven manicure

How Do You Smooth Out Nail Wraps That Have Bubbled?

When you look down at your fresh new nail wrap mani, the last thing you want to see is a bubble. You might find yourself yelling out: “Why do my nail wraps bubble?!”

Don’t worry yet, though! When it comes to figuring out how to get nail wraps to stay on without bubbles, all it takes is a little practice! If you do see signs of bubbles forming, you can use a cuticle stick to smooth out the wraps. Make sure the adhesive on your wrap is covering every edge of your nail after smoothing it out. You may also want to trim the wrap a little bit more just to make sure there isn’t an over-excess causing those bubbles.

Smoothing out your bubbling nail wraps is a piece of cake, but you might be wondering how to keep nail wraps from bubbling from the start, so read on for more tips!

How to Keep Nail Wraps From Bubbling in the First Place: Tips for an Effortless, Picture Perfect Manicure 

The dream of flawless nails can seem so far away, especially when you don’t have the time to go to the salon. Thankfully, nail wraps are here to save the day!

If you have ever wondered how to make gel nails last longer, or where to buy nail wraps to find the highest quality out there, you’ve come to the right place.

First, Get the Highest Quality Nail Wraps Possible at Polish Pops!

Polish Pops is your one-stop shop for high quality nail wraps and gel strips, and we offer the easiest way to achieve a lasting manicure. When it comes to determining where to buy nail wraps from, there are a number of things to consider. You should ask questions like - what are nail wraps made of?

For us at Polish Pops, we only offer the safest nail wraps with cruelty and toxin-free, vegan ingredients. Not only are our products safe, they also last longer than cheap adhesive brands, ensuring you are able to maintain that gorgeous mani throughout the week.

We also offer gel nail strips for longer-lasting, stunning at-home manicures.

Follow Proper Nail Wrap Storage Guidelines

Nail wraps can last up to a year when first shipped, but once you open them, you want to make sure you use the reseal sticker on any remaining wraps to preserve their quality. After being opened and resealed, your remaining nail wraps can last up to 3 months.

When it comes to how long nail wraps last on your hands, you can usually keep them on from 7-10 days for polish or 14 days for the gel wraps. If you are regularly switching up your manicures, you should be able to use most of your nail wraps when properly resealing them.

In addition, be sure to keep gel wraps out of the light as much as possible, as excess light could affect the curing process.

Learn How to Apply Them Correctly

Figuring out how to apply nail wraps is easy, and the entire process takes just minutes.

  1. Make sure your nails are clean and dry, strengthen with a base coat
  2. Choose a size of wrap that fits the width of your nail to avoid any excess.
  3. Smooth the nail wraps without stretching them
  4. Apply a top coat to seal the nail wraps, or cure under UV light for gel wraps.
  5. Avoid exposing your nails to water or heat for at least a few hours after application

The same process mostly applies when learning how to apply gel nail strips, but you will want to make sure to cure your gel strips under UV light once they have been applied.

Final Thoughts on How to Keep Nail Wraps From Bubbling & Why it Happens in the First Place

Bubbles in your manicure can be a huge bummer. Nail wraps and gel strips do a great job of making the problem less likely, but there are still a few tricks to ensuring your manicures are bubble-free.

Making sure you start your nail wrap-mani with clean nails and a base coat is a huge help. You will also want to be sure you are using the best nail wraps possible, like those we offer at Polish Pops. If you find some bubbles during the process, don’t panic! A cuticle stick can help smooth out your wrap or gel strip  for minor bubbles.

With these tips, achieving a bubble-free manicure in minutes through nail wraps is easy. If you love gel manicures, not to worry! We offer the best gel strips to help you skip the salon while keeping the quality.

Check out our wide collection of nail wraps and gel strips and get started on your dream manicure today!