How are Nail Wraps Made? All About Ingredients in Nail Polish Wraps

They may be the hottest new trend for achieving a flawless manicure in minutes, but what are nail wraps made of? Figuring out the ingredients in nail polish wraps is crucial to ensuring you and your nail beds remain healthy and safe. Polish Pops has you covered if you want safe nail wraps built with your health and wellness in mind. Our nail wraps ingredients list is ‘14-free’, keeping you safe from fourteen dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde, parabens, and silicones typical to most nail polish brands.

Your choice of nail wraps will make or break the health of your nails. While top-quality nail wraps are worth it for their ability to deliver a pristine manicure without an expensive and time-consuming salon appointment, many companies will cut corners and include harmful chemicals in their products.

So, how are nail wraps made, and are nail wraps bad for your nails? While some companies use vinyl as part of their nail wraps ingredients list, the safer option is to choose nail wraps created with toxin-free nail polish. Polish is then applied to an adhesive sheet and pre-dried, allowing you to purchase pre-painted nail wraps that you can apply in minutes.

Being aware of the ingredients in nail polish wraps is crucial to achieving an excellent and healthy result, so read on for our in-depth look into how nail polish wraps are created!

Why the Production Process & Ingredients in Nail Polish Wraps Can’t Be Overlooked

How are nail wraps made? It is the most crucial question you must ask before purchasing nail wraps. Nail wraps are easy to apply, especially when comparing nail wraps vs acrylics, and they can provide long-lasting results, but only if they are made of high-quality ingredients.

Regardless of your choice between nail wraps vs polish, there are several harmful ingredients out there that can slip under the radar. The best nail wraps ingredients lists are free from the 14 most common toxic chemicals, which you can verify by searching for ‘14-free’ product labels. Those harsh chemicals can cause many nasty problems, from allergic reactions and breathing issues to dizziness, headaches, and even long-term organ damage.

Beyond health issues, harmful chemicals can even be detrimental to the durability of your nail wraps. If you want to achieve longer-lasting manicures, learning how to make gel nails last longer is as easy as finding the right ingredients.

Common Harmful Ingredients in Traditional Nail Wraps & Other Nail Care Products

The list of harmful ingredients in nail polish wraps is a doozy, with 14 common culprits in most products. Below is a list of all 14 ingredients you can rest assured ‘14-free’ nail wraps are safe from.

  • Phthalates, including Dibutyl phthalate (DBP)
  • Toluene
  •  Xylene
  • Camphor
  • Formaldehyde
  •  Formaldehyde Resin
  •  Ethyltosylamide
  • Triphenylphostphate
  •  Colophonium
  •  Organic Halides
  •  Parabens
  •  Silicone
  •  Fragrances
  •  Animal Derived Ingredients.

Before investing in nail polish wraps for yourself, it is crucial to research what ingredients they are made of. If the answer includes any of these 14 ingredients, run, don’t walk away! These 14 ingredients pose significant risks to your health (including the health of your nails!) and the health of the environment.

Health Risks Associated With These Nail Wraps Ingredients

This list of harmful ingredients can be hazardous to your health, especially long-term. Formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, and colophonium can cause respiratory issues and skin irritation. Toluene is notorious for its ability to cause nausea, dizziness, and headaches, as well as liver and kidney damage in the long term. 

Triphenylphosphate and phthalates like DBP can lead to hormonal imbalances, reproductive issues, and even developmental problems during pregnancy. Camphor, organic halides, and xylene are also guilty of causing irritation, nausea, and dizziness, with xylene especially dangerous for the risk of causing confusion and loss of muscle coordination.

These chemicals are beyond dangerous, yet several nail polishes on the market will cut corners by including them. From avoiding allergic reactions and nausea to hormonal imbalances and organ damage, It is critical for the sake of your health that you find nail wraps and gel nail wraps that are 14-free.

How are Nail Wraps Made? A Detailed Look at the Production Process

Dangerous chemicals aside, how are nail wraps made? Nail wraps are typically made of either vinyl or nail polish, though you want to choose a product without vinyl. The paint is then applied to an adhesive sheet of paper and cut into the shape of a nail. This allows you to purchase pre-painted and pre-dried nail wraps, making learning how to apply nail wraps simple.

Many nail polish wraps and gel nail strips have unique designs and nail art already pre-painted. This saves you time trying in vain to describe the exact design you had in mind at the salon, allowing you to express yourself in just minutes!

Nail Polish Wraps Ingredients Selection

Creating nail polish wraps starts with curating a list of ingredients that deliver a high-quality result. The ingredients in nail wraps will serve as a baseline that can provide a healthy experience that strengthens your nails if the ingredients involved are ‘14-free’.

The ingredients list for nail polish wraps will contain common ingredients for any ‘14-free’ polish, including things like polyacrylic acid, ethyl acetate, and more. You should always check the ingredients list on your polish wraps to ensure none of the 14 dangerous ingredients above are included!

Design Process

Nail polish wraps are designed with both style and utility in mind. Thanks to the product's versatility, nail wraps come with nail art and designs already built into the wrap itself. This allows you to mix and match your manicures to fit your personal desires without spending hours in the salon trying to get your Pinterest-inspired picture to match reality.

Manufacturing Process

The design is then painted onto the adhesive sheet with a layer of polish. The nail polish is left to dry, resulting in the final product you see. You can then skip the worry of waiting for your polish to dry and that dreaded moment when you accidentally ruin a fresh mani while trying to paint your own nails.

This simple design also allows for an easy process of removing nail wraps without the use of harsh chemicals. Adhesive sheets are simple to remove and allow you to swap nail wraps as much as you like!

Quality Control and Testing

With some nail wraps, you may have wondered how to get nail wraps to stay on without them peeling and bubbling. The best nail wraps go through quality control to ensure they won’t fail you. Applying nail wraps should be a simple and fun process, and the difficult part of ensuring your product won’t fail you comes down to the manufacturer.

Enjoy Peace of Mind With Safe, Natural Nail Wrap Ingredients by Shopping at Polish Pops!

Doing your nails is a fun experience, but the dangers of harsh chemicals can throw everything into doubt. Nail wraps should take all of the stress out of your manicures, and that is our goal here at Polish Pops!

We set out to create an efficient manicure method that skipped the toxic chemicals and helped keep the environment safe, and we are thrilled to have mastered that process. With the help of Polish Pops, you can switch up your nails in just minutes, saving hours of time and even more money in salon appointments.

Even nail polish remover can contain harsh chemicals, but you can remain safe by opting for nail wraps. Our nail wraps can easily be removed with just cuticle oil and a wooden stick.

Made With Real Nail Polish That’s 14-Free

Finding nail polish that is cruelty-free and 14-free can be tricky, and the challenge becomes even more complicated when trying to find nail wraps up to the task. At Polish Pops, we set out to meet that challenge by delivering a high-quality product that won’t compromise on your health and safety. 

Are you a fan of salon gel manicures, primarily due to their long-lasting effects? Our semi cured gel nail strips last just as long while remaining 14-free! We are confident we offer the best gel nail strips online, thanks to their glossy gel finishes that have your nails looking like they are fresh out of the salon.

Longest Lasting Nail Wraps Online

If you have ever wondered how long nail wraps last, you may commonly hear quotes around a week. At Polish Pops, we routinely see our nail wraps last beyond two weeks, thanks to a suite of amazing ingredients and our commitment to high quality.

Our nail wraps and gel nail strips also give you double the value on every sheet, giving you more than a month’s worth of manicures for a quarter of the price of a salon trip. Once you get the hang of how to apply gel nail strips and nail wraps properly, you will be able to enjoy the long-lasting and beautiful results for weeks.

Stunning Designs You Can’t Wait to Show Off

Whether you love matte solid color looks or glossy iconic designs that your friends and colleagues will remember for weeks, nail wraps are a fantastic tool. Thanks to a manufacturing process that pre-paints designs for you, all you need to switch up your mani is to follow the quick application process that takes just minutes.

Our shop at Polish Pops contains hundreds of designs. If you love switching up your manicures for the season with seasonal nail designs, we have you covered with salon-quality nail art. No matter your color or mood, you can find nail wraps and gel nail strips that fit your personality and lifestyle at our shop.

Final Thoughts on How Nail Wraps are Made

Nail wraps and gel nail strips are your knights in shining armor, helping you achieve a spectacular manicure without all the hassle. The list of ingredients in nail polish wraps shouldn’t cause you to recoil in terror, but unfortunately, many products cut corners, posing a risk to your health. Only nail polish wraps and gel nail strips with a ‘14-free’ label can provide you and the environment with safety that helps strengthen your nails.

Finding vegan and ‘14-free’ nail wraps can be a complex process, but it does not have to be. At Polish Pops, our inventory is filled with hundreds of unique, toxin-free designs. We believe doing your nails should be a carefree time that doesn’t require hours at the salon.

With nail wraps and gel nail strips from Polish Pops, you can save time and money while protecting yourself from harsh toxins common to most nail polishes. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that our designs are amazing enough to give you a near-instant Instagram-ready manicure. Check out our shop to get started today on the safest way to achieve a fast manicure at home!