Best Nail Wraps for Wide Nails: Tips for Using Wide Nail Wraps

nail wraps for wide nails

Having wide nails can make it difficult to find the right nail products that will fit your nails and leave you with a high-quality manicure. Even if you are able to find products to fit wide nails, you may have to settle for poor designs or product quality. 

However, nail wraps are a much more versatile nail product than other options out there, and typically fit wide nails without making you compromise on the look of your manicure.

So, can you use nail wraps for wide nails, and where can you go to find the best wide nail wraps? We will answer each of these questions and more throughout this guide. 

Can You Use Nail Wraps for Wide Nails?

Once you learn what is a nail wrap and how superior they are to other nail products, you probably don’t want to wait any longer to purchase your own set. But, if you’re someone who has wide nails, you may be concerned that nail wraps won’t work for you. Let’s take a look at whether or not nail wraps are a good fit for women with wide nails. 

Challenges of Wide Nails

If you have wide nails and have tried some of the other manicure products out there like acrylic or false nails, you may have become discouraged by how ill-fitting these products are. It can be frustrating to never find nail products that look just as good on wide nails as they do on narrower nails, as these types of products may not be as widely available. 

If you are forced to use nail products that are too narrow for your natural nail, the manicure will not look as sleek and polished and could be prone to premature chipping or breakage because of the poor fit. 

Solutions Offered by Nail Wraps

Luckily, with nail wraps, you won’t face the same issues that you may have had with other manicure products. Because nail wraps are flexible and malleable, there are some brands of nail wraps out there that can be stretched to fit the size of the nail without compromising the look or longevity of the manicure. 

Plus, a set of nail wraps will typically come with individual wraps at a variety of sizes. So, you will generally be able to find nail wraps that are the right size for each of your nails, even if they are wider than the average nail. 

The Best Nail Wraps for Wide Nails: Key Criteria and Where to Buy

When you’re on the search for wide nail wraps, there are a few key considerations you need to remember as you’re browsing your options. 

Choosing the Right Size

The most important aspect to look for is that the brand has nail wraps in the right size to fit your wide nails. Not all nail wraps brands will have a wide range of sizing for their products. So, make sure that you start off your search by finding a brand that fits wide nails before you check out the brand any further and get your hopes up. 

Selecting Quality Materials

After you’ve determined that a brand offers the right nail products to fit your wide nails, you then want to make sure their products are high-quality. Just because you found a nail product that fits wide nails doesn’t mean it’s a necessarily good product. 

You want to watch out for any nail wraps that contain harsh or toxic chemicals like phthalates, formaldehyde, laureates, and others that can potentially harm your health. So, look for brands that have a clean nail wrap formulation that you can trust to put on your body. 

Plus, if the nail wraps brand is using good materials, the manicure will likely be more long-lasting and more attractive than other low-quality options. 

Finding Trendy Designs

Aside from the sizing and material quality, the best nail wraps brands will have a variety of fashionable and on-trend designs to choose from. A good-looking manicure can help you elevate your style and feel like your best self, so the design of the manicure is an important quality of finding the right nail wraps to fit your wide nails. 

You don’t want to have to settle for brands that fit your wide nails but have outdated or unattractive designs. So, search for the brands that are always coming out with new styles and designs to help you keep up with the latest trends. 

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How to Use Wide Nail Wraps for a Picture-Perfect Manicure in Minutes

Continue reading through the following steps as we walk you through how to use wide nail wraps for a picture-perfect manicure with Polish Pops in no time. 

Preparation is Key

One of the first tips for applying nail wraps effectively is to properly prep your nails before application. This means you need to push down your cuticles, file the shape of your nail to your liking, and wash your nails to remove any oils or dirt for proper adhesion of the nail wraps to the nail. 

Choosing the Right Wrap Size

Next, you need to select the appropriate size of nail wrap for each of your nails. Even if you require wide nail wraps, you still want to select wraps that are actually narrower than your natural nail size. 

If the nail wrap overhangs the sides of your nail and starts sticking to the skin, you won’t get good adhesion and will likely end up with a short-lived manicure as a result. So, take your time to pick out nail wraps that are the right size for each nail. 

Proper Application Techniques

Now we’ll talk about how to apply nail wraps. It’s actually quite simple, and you will continue to get better results each time you apply them. First, remove the backing from the nail wrap, being careful not to accidentally touch the adhesive to your skin. 

Carefully place the edge of the nail wrap up against your cuticle, and press down firmly across the entire surface to help it adhere to your nail properly. Afterward, you can gently trim or file away the excess nail wrap, using the natural shape of your nail as the guide. Repeat this process for each nail until you have the full set applied. 

Sealing Your Nail Wraps

Once you have all the nail wraps applied to your nails, it’s time to seal the manicure as the finishing step. You can apply a top clear coat across each nail to provide some extra shine and gloss to the manicure. 

Plus, this will provide a protective coating to the nails that will help prevent any chipping or breakage. So, make sure you get the best top coat for nail wraps to seal your manicure and keep it protected and healthy for the weeks to come. 

Maintenance Tips

After you have applied the wraps, you probably want to know how to make nail wraps last longer. There are a few key recommendations we have to help you extend the life of your nail wraps manicure. 

For instance, right after you apply the nail wraps, you’ll want to avoid exposing the nails to any moisture for at least an hour or two to let the wraps properly adhere to your nail. Even after this initial period, you will want to keep your nails away from excess moisture to protect your manicure and keep the wraps from peeling off. 

Additionally, once you notice that your initial clear coat has worn off, you can re-apply the top coat at least one or two more times to help keep your nails protected over the duration of your manicure. 

Final Thoughts on the Best Nail Wraps for Wide Nails

It can be challenging to find nail wraps that fit wide nails. But, for the best wide nail wraps, look no further than our incredible selection here at Polish Pops. There’s no need to try to create DIY nail wraps to fit your wide nails–we have options for all nail sizes. 

From intricate designs to vibrant solid colors and playful patterns, we have nail wraps to fit everyone’s preferences. Plus, our 14-free clean formulation means our nail wraps don’t contain the 14 common toxins found in nail products. 

When you’re ready to step up your nail game and give yourself a salon-quality, at-home manicure in minutes, visit Polish Pops to pick out your favorite nail wraps set.