Where to Buy Gel Nail Strips

where to buy gel nail strips

Do you ever wish nail care was convenient instead of pricey and frustrating? Whether you’ve just had your last straw with a home manicure peeling after a day or need to free up room in your budget currently occupied by salon trips, gel nail strips are here to help.

Gel nail strips pair the accessibility of at-home nail care with the results of a salon trip to deliver a quality manicure in just minutes. However, only the best gel nail wraps can achieve the best results. Figuring out where to buy gel nail strips is critical to getting the flawless nails you deserve without the hassle.

You can find the best semi cured gel nail strips at Polish Pops. We are the best brand for nail care, with a diverse inventory of adhesive nail wraps that are simple to use, vegan, toxin-free, and stylish!

But don’t just take our word for it. Today, we’ll explore how to determine where to buy gel nail strips. We’ll also cover some tips you need to make the most of your purchase, including how to apply nail wraps, how they compare to old-school methods, and more!

Speaking of alternate methods, let’s begin our discussion by exploring why gel nail wraps are your best choice for a stunning at-home manicure.

Why Buy Semi-Cured Gel Nail Strips Over the Alternatives?

If you’ve never experienced the wonderful benefits gel nail strips offer, you probably have some questions, like what is a nail wrap, and do they really provide salon-level results?

We’ll tackle those exact questions in this section. Given that we are using both terms, you may also wonder what the difference is between nail wraps vs semi-cured gel nail strips.

Nail wraps are thin strips with an adhesive backing, pre-painted with polish. Thanks to their innovative design, you can attach wraps to your nail bed in just a few moments.

Semi-cured gel nail strips are a specific type of nail wrap created using gel polish instead of standard polish. 

Benefits of Semi-Cured Gel Strips

Now that you know the basics, why are so many people turning to semi-cured gel strips?

Gel nail strips come with several advantages. Since every wrap comes pre-painted, you can get a salon-quality result without smudges, uneven edges, or peeling.

Gel nail wraps last at least a week longer than standard adhesives, with a comparable lifespan to salon gel manicures.

On top of that, gel nail wraps are a convenient way to wear nail art designs without requiring any DIY experience. Nail art comes pre-painted onto each strip, meaning you just need to peel and apply them to enjoy your new stylish nails!

Comparing with Traditional Nail Polish and Other Approaches

Before you run off to figure out where to buy gel nail strips, we need to compare them to other options. If you are looking for a jaw-dropping mani, there are a few common choices: salon manicures, DIY polish at home, and press-on nails.

Salon manicures are equivalent to gel nail strips in terms of quality. However, they require at least an hour and can be up to five times as expensive. If you have a busy schedule or need to make room in your budget, gel nail strips are the superior option.

Buying a favorite color and throwing it on your nails while watching a movie can be simple. Unfortunately, the traditional DIY method doesn’t provide unique benefits compared to nail wraps. 

Instead, traditional DIY polish is prone to peeling or cracks quicker than nail wraps. Traditional DIY methods can make adding nail art extremely difficult, even with simpler designs like French manicures. On the other hand, gel nail strips come pre-designed, saving you time and energy whenever you want to add some extra flair to your hands.

The last possible method is a set of press-on nails. These are often touted as a convenient way to skip the salon, but they pale in comparison to gel nail strips in a few ways. For example, press-on nails require harsh glue to attach to your nail bed, which can be harmful.

Press-on nails are more likely to detach or chip than gel nail wraps. The only benefit of press-on nails would be to extend your natural nail length temporarily. Even then, you have the option of using nail wraps on press-on nails if you find a new favorite gel nail strip design.

We’ve covered the benefits nail wraps provide compared to other methods. Let’s switch topics to help you determine where to buy gel nail stickers for yourself!

What to Consider When Shopping for Gel Nail Wraps

With so many nail wrap brands on the market, figuring out where to buy gel nail stickers can be tricky. We created this list of criteria for you to help bring you a safe, stylish, and affordable manicure.

Quality and Ingredients

The health of your nails should be at the top of your checklist. So, are nail wraps bad for your nails?

While the best options are 100% safe, only some products on the market make the cut. Many nail polishes you can find will contain one of 14 harmful chemicals, like formaldehyde, toluene, and phthalates.

Finding a ‘14-free’ brand will allow you to keep your nails healthy and beautiful.

Design and Variety

Another vital factor to consider when searching for where to buy gel nail stickers is your available style options. Look for brands with plenty of designs, from timeless classics of solid colors to bold statement options with complex nail art.

If you are worried about the length of your natural nails, don’t be! Using nail wraps for short nails is as easy as long natural nails since you can trim your strips accordingly.

Price vs Value

Skipping the salon in favor of gel nail strips is an excellent way to free up room in your budget. Gel nail strips are priced anywhere from $14 to $25 per set, so shopping around can help you maximize the value.

For example, Polish Pops gel nail strips are priced at $16. Our sets come with more than ten strips, so if you find a favorite color, you can often get around three manicures for every two sets!

It is essential to do your research. For example, how long do nail wraps last with the brand you want to buy from? Polish Pops gel nail strips can last over two weeks, meaning you can often get six or more weeks of a given manicure style for just $32!

Ease of Use

If you are used to the worry-free nature of salon trips, switching to an at-home product like gel nail wraps can initially seem daunting. Thankfully, the best nail wraps are simple to use. Look for reviews from other customers highlighting their experience using the products.

The best brands also provide additional resources to help you. These resources can include in-depth guides and friendly customer support teams to guide you through the process.

Brand Reputation and Reviews

Brand reputation is the last vital thing to consider on your shopping list. Shopping with a trusted brand with plenty of reviews will help ensure you receive the product quality you were shopping for.

Unfortunately, plenty of brands online, especially on free-for-all marketplaces like Amazon, leave much to be desired regarding customer support and product quality. By searching through customer reviews and interacting with a brand’s customer support team, you can find the best nail wraps for your nail care needs.

Where to Buy Gel Nail Strips That Meet Your Criteria

Now that your checklist is done, we must figure out where to buy gel nail stickers! Thankfully, your search doesn’t have to go too far, as you are already in the right place at Polish Pops!

What Sets Polish Pops Apart From the Rest?

So why is Polish Pops the home for the best semi cured gel nail strips on the market?

We founded our company to deal with a few common problems in the nail care industry. We set out to create a simple-to-use at-home manicure product while also avoiding the toxic chemicals common to most nail polishes.

Using our innovative adhesive technology, we developed a line of ‘14-free’ nail wraps that offer you everything you need to switch up your manicure in just a few minutes! Our products are easy to use, whether at home or on the go.

We constantly update our selection with fun new designs, from beautiful solid colors to bold new nail art designs. Polish Pops is also home to a friendly customer support team that can help assist you with the process or just point you in the direction of your next favorite style.

Polish Pops also carries other nail care accessories, including the best top coat for nail wraps, UV lamps, and manicure kits to help get you started.

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“Love the gel strips so much! The kit makes it so easy to apply! Highly recommend!” - Megan

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Some of Our Favorite Styles

Here are a few of our favorite salon-quality gel nail strips to help inspire your next manicure!

Tips on Using Your Semi-Cured Gel Nail Wraps

Once you’ve made your purchase, you’ll benefit from our list of tips for applying nail wraps. You’ll be a pro in how to put on gel nail strips and how to remove gel nail strips in no time!


We recommend starting the process with a fresh, at-home manicure if your nails are in need of some love. You’ll also want to gather all your equipment, including any nail care tools, along with a UV curing lamp.

Be sure to avoid any water, lotions, or oils in the hour leading up to applying your nail wraps, as these can interfere with the adhesive backing.

Application Tips for Best Results

Proper application is an important step if you want to learn how to make nail wraps last longer. We recommend learning how to size nail wraps before beginning.

Once you’ve found a suitable adhesive for each finger, apply your wraps by removing the adhesive backing and then firmly applying them to your nail bed.

Next, trim the wrap for any excess length to ensure a snug fit onto your fingers. After you have each wrap properly fitted, cure your nails under a UV lamp, which should only take a minute for each hand.

Maintenance and Care

Another great feature of nail wraps is they are usually low-maintenance! We recommend filing your nails occasionally after your strips are applied to keep your nails at a desired length and shape.

When it’s time to remove them, just apply a little bit of cuticle oil to a nail stick and shimmy it under your wraps until they come off!

Final Thoughts on Where to Buy Gel Nail Strips Online

We’ve explored everything you need to know about where to buy gel nail strips. Make sure you buy from a brand with a reputation for high-quality, long-lasting products made with safe, ‘14-free’ ingredients for the best results.

It also helps to have plenty of style options, from classic solid colors to bold nail art. You can find all these qualities and more here at Polish Pops.

If you enjoyed our discussion, check out our blog, including guides on DIY nail wraps, how to get nail wraps to stay on, how to store nail wraps, and DIY gel nail strips.

Otherwise, now that you know where to buy gel nail stickers, the only thing left to do is to shop! Check out our gel nail polish stickers to find your next favorite style and achieve a flawless mani in just minutes!